Afternoon Swim off Mehitabel Sweet Return Pulling into tie up for the night Amazing Frazier Bay Approaching Dusk in Frazier Bay Beautiful South Benjamin Rocks Catching a 'Free Ride' Fun for all under sail on Mehitabel Hiking to Topaz Lake Mehitabel approaches Strawberry Island Lighthouse North Channel Flora on Croaker Island On Top of Frazier Point PaddleBoarding in Frazier Bay ShadowFax doing 8 Knots in Frazier Bay ShadowFax Leaving Baie Finn ShadowFax Trailed by Mehitabel Climbing Frazier Bay outcrop Shoreline in Baie Finn North Benjamin Shorebreak Strawberry Island Lighthouse Sunset in Frazier Bay Swimming in Topaz Lake Topaz Lake Under Sail in Wabano Channel A Black Bear in Baie Fine
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